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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


started small. Some started from home. Some started with rented premises. Some started single handedly. Some started in partnership. Some started with big capital and inventory. Some started with small or no capital and either a small or no inventory. You can start from home. You can start single handedly, with a small capital and a small or no inventory.

You will love the way we teach and show you how to MOVE SELF AHEAD. Both and       show details and share the many waiting benefits of being trained step by step into owning a business that offers you success in either nutraceuticals, skin care or both. 

MOVE SELF AHEAD is a training programme coupled with coaching and hand held actual practical sessions and experiences, that will enable you to     move at your pace. MOVE SELF AHEAD is spread thinly over 52 weeks with in class training, in the market place coaching, actual sharings and self improvement lessons spread over 52 weeks, with an abundance of mentoring one another. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is not just to earn an extra income. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is your opportunity on a business platform. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is for everyone.
School leavers, Graduates, Stay Home Mothers and Housewives, Retired and even employees are welcome to get started with MOVE SELF AHEAD.

Everything from an introduction session to the stage where your ability and confidence level is raised to being on your own two feet is realised and continued thereafter. MOVE SELF AHEAD is more than a business opportunity. Call it a total personal development opportunity. MOVE SELF AHEAD will enable you to smell sweet success from your dining table and outwards. Your business will grow. Your business will expand to fill as you shift, change and tailor to accommodate within your available time, resources, energy and ambition. 

We at Sami Direct Sdn Bhd are setting aside WEDNESDAYS from 3pm to 9pm with a mix of activities for your betterment. We are at Level 7, Tower One, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. All current and future entrepreneurs are welcome. Experiences is not really necessary. Evaluate for yourself. Decide to choose and to     replace the life and styles of the past and present with a future that provides both time and freedom. 
Call K.Thiru at  016-3712762. 

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