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Saturday, May 6, 2017

You Can Quit Your Boring Job.                                    You Can Begin Your Own Business. - 

Somewhere distantly within us blooms a bud, the mind starts thinking, questioning and doubting the possibility of starting a business. Looking around, the businesses have their own quantum of competition, they al appear rushed and an "absent" air of stress and pressure hangs frighteningly.   You think. You silence. Quitting appears frightening. So was the first job interview and first month of being employed. That quitting needs reasoning. Being sure. Being prepared to fill another box of differing requirements. 
To quit is tough. Is there a way to prepare for quitting? People who do not prepare for retirement have also got the same fear as the day draws near. PREPARATION is the key. You do not want to fail. You do not want to regret not deciding either way. Start getting connected. Start getting to be aware. Speak to many. Know better your business choice. Delve into its details and intricacies. Know its depth and temperature before diving. When you quit your job, your salary, perks and allowances stop. How long can yous sustain your present requirements, before you achieve your latest earning amount. Into the business world means searchin enough volume of your services or products to be transferred to customers in return for money, and the percentage of which is your income. In business, your ideas, thoughts, time and self need to be invested. Waiting time and watching time with an abundance of productive time. Doing and learning. Correcting and improving.                       
 Are you mentally, emotionally and financially ready to quit your job? Can you live with meagre earning for 2 to 3 years?  What is your proof of your business idea? Do you trust your idea? How soon will it reward you your efforts? How do you plan to get started? Is this an all alone venture? How many extra hands would you need and how soon? What are your contingency plans should another competitor opens across the street? What do you plan to do if obstacles surface and you had no solutions? 

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