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Saturday, December 30, 2017



The third quarter of 2018 is passing through very fast. 
One needs to be quick and it is this time of year before the year ends, to reflect and decide. Is it not time to make business start up goals  decide and get started for 2019.
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Why now? 
TIME WILL NOT WAIT and 2018 will soon be gone. Well it is proven that most people make life altering decisions at any time of their lives or any part of a given year. It might be because they are disappointed with the way the ending year passed by, goals weren't achieved...and an overall attitude of not satisfied feel prevails. 

Well, start planning. Think about you financial situation, your job and the possible moves that you could make to make to be "free". So do you already have what it takes to start your own small full or part time business? To become your own boss? 

Let's first get you to try the MAY WE MEET & GREET testto see if you actually have what it takes.Once we have met,  and greeted and are finished and if you don't have what it takes, don't give up. Not yet! Take the time to consider the smallest, learnable business and get started. Start the pedalling! Maybe you just need a little push! Maybe you want to shadow another! Maybe you want hand held coaching! 

Maybe it is just that little listening, encouragement and assistance in getting started with a small business. Once you join us, you would benefit from coaching, training, tools, checklist, monitoring, favourable mentoring, fellowship and other resources. 

Just remember, do not give up. If you are ready, you want to be your own boss and willing to get nudged to move on, we believe in you and work with you. The MAY WE MEET & GREET test is extremely helpful when it comes to deciding on starting your own small business and achieving your goals in 2018.

The final step is to join and get started. But don't just expect all to happen... without the procedural systematic course of action. Ignition triggers action. The year is not done yet. You can still get a head start into 2018. 
Nothing gets to be achieved if you aren't willing to push self forward. It is always MOVE SELF AHEAD. Only you can get ready to achieve your business goals. Only you can desire and want to make your business a success. Get ready to startup and to develop your business. 2018 will pass like 2017. Do not let another year pass by. Act right now to access your success path and journey. 

YOU ARE INVITED TO LEARN how to transition smoothly from working for starting, building and succeeding in your own business, to bullet proof your income and prepare the future the way you want it to be. You have to plan your escape from the corporate clutch to living your own dreams. Beginning from Petaling Jaya, several Malaysian locations await you in 2018.

Call K Thiru 
@ 016 3712762

"Wonderful Wednesday Women" is to be a chapter for women. 
"Move Self Ahead"

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