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Friday, October 26, 2018

MOVE SELF AHEAD...what awaits you.

MOVE SELF AHEAD into 2019. 


*A full Sunday introduction cum orientation leads the trainee gradually and gently into what is to be expected, what needs doing and establishing a mind set and readiness to get started. 
This one day workshop is followed by 
*52 weeks of coaching, guidance and practical "street" orientations. The hand held practical sessions provide volumes of experiences to get rid of fears, self doubts and anxiety. 
On a month to month basis, speed and confidence is garnered, enthusiasm kindled and negative feelings and reservations brushed aside. 
*Abundant activities with plenty of practicals, booths and field experiences. 
*Course materials include business development notes, reminders, checklists, control, self evaluation and reporting forms.
* A mix of products for self consumption, retail and visual intent worth RM2100/= (an essential component for getting started)
*52 A4 lessons delivered a lesson per week by mail. Titled NOTICE BOARD NOTES each lesson is a reminder of qualities, characteristics,leadership traits, time management and more about  business success related values and virtues, and also about quality customer service. 
*52 A4 lessons delivered a lesson per week by mail. Titled SELL WELL, each lesson is your selling skills improviser. How do we propose, how do we sell the benefits, how do we handle the objections, how do we get the next customer and so much more. Each lesson is  a reminder and action inducer.  
  • 500 Name cards
  •  500 Name stickers 
  • Skin Care Business Success workshops.
  • Skin Care Business Workshop product content (conditions apply). .***An exclusive privilege for three months of "practical needs" worth RM900/= for skin care workshops made available to all or the qualified few. 

Enrich yourself.and "MOVE SELF AHEAD" 
Initiate and grow your business with an abundance of practicals. 

Wonderful Wednesday Women Chapter is all yours with NO membership fee.  
NO renewal fees.  NO training charges.  NO fear of failure.

This "GIVE AWAY" introduction is worth 
RM 5,200/= literally. 
Your fees for this full day plus 52 weeks package is only RM2,600/=                                                                 ............   and you "get it all back"

We say TAKE IT NOW. 
Before you can take the above exclusive once off special, we have to meet, and discuss. One needs to have understood, have self qualified and is ready to be accepted. The person to person interview is important for you to benefit and decides plenty. Know more. 
Ask your questions. Be qualified for the training session. 

Make your cheque for RM2,600/= payable to:
K Thiruselvam s/o T Kandasamy (510703-10-5985) 
and paid into CIMB 80-0083951-2 

Details: K Thiruselvam @ 016 3712762

Mail: K. Thiruselvam, 
        P O Box 1120, Jalan Semangat,
        Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 


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